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Meet Your Hosts
HOST: Doug West

Doug West is an investment expert who has trained thousands of people to use simple strategies to build financial health and wealth. West has uncovered the fallacies of conventional financial advice, and has been featured in numerous financial magazines.

Doug's passion for years has been uncovering uncommon business and investment opportunities, both of which are covered on the show.

CO-HOST: Richard Jackson

Richard Jackson is one of Doug West's index trading students and owns a successful graphics company (R&L Color Graphics) and has lived in the exclusive Detroit Golf Club District near Palmer Woods for years.

Richardís passion since he was 18 has been natural remedies. He is an active trader, and loves covering the topics of Health, Wealth, and Happiness on the show.

Join us live for insights on these and other LIFE CHANGING areas with Opportunity Investigator Radio.

Upcoming Shows:
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July 28th @ 12 Noon EST - The 7 Things You Must Do to Thrive in This Economy
Join us as we talk with Mark Moncheck president and founder of PerformXcellence.

Mark Monchek

Mark says that Fear does not have to paralyze you, and that it can be a great motivator to success.

* Monchek's mission is to help individuals understand how to take advantage of the opportunities made available by this economic climate.

Don't miss it!


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Past Shows:
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July 21st @ 12 Noon EST - Former Intelligence Analyst for the US government joins us live.
Join us as we talk with John Moore The Liberty Man.

John Moore

John will reveal inside info on:

* Top 5 things you'll need to know as the ecomomy worsens
(and his take on why things will get worse for awhile)

* The frightening, real reason the 10 lane I-35 superhighway is being built

* What President Obama's advisors are really saying behind closed doors

* The connection between global warming and the economic crisis

Visit John's site today to get his DVD: "Global Warming: What the Government Isn't Telling You!" It may just save your life!



July 14th @ 12 Noon EST - An Uncommon Investment That Could Create New Millionaires
Join us as we talk with multi-millionaire Ali Agha of Dinar Trade.

25k dinar note

Join us as we talk about an uncommon investment in Iraqi currency that could create instant millionaires.

The upside on this one is so HUGE that you will be kicking yourself if you miss out. Get the facts here on OIO Radio. This one could change your life!


July 9th @ 12 Noon EST - Millionaires Are Made During Depressions and Recessions
Join us as we talk with Jeffrey Taylor
Jeffrey Taylor

With unemployment soaring and the job market shrinking, you will want to hear every word of this interview.

Taylor will show:

* Why now may be the best time to start your own business
* How Bad Times Nurture Good Companies
* How to transition from corporate life to entrepreneurship
* Booby Traps to successful self-employment
And MUCH MORE - Don't Miss It!
(<----click on book image to order or read more about Jeffrey)

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